PIPES BUILDER - Customer's Product with price 345.00 ID KnYpJBOiM-cJNWh7S_gk3NVx

SKU (No localize)
CANOPY - CANOPY-C5 (No localize)
CANOPY - Color of the canopy BLACK-C5 (No localize)
WIRE - Color BLACK-C5 (No localize)
WIRE - Length 4.5m (20)
PENDANTS - Pendants BOOTES-5 (325)
PENDANTS - Top part BOOTES NICKEL (No localize)
PENDANTS - Bottom Part BOOTES NICKEL (No localize)
configId KnYpJBOiM-cJNWh7S_gk3NVx
productUrl https://contecdevelopment.com/products/pipes
_image https://cdn.thecustomproductbuilder.com/23127847/orders/contec-development-3476920139859-A24F7o2n3b6_dVOwOUee0n2A.png

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